In Case of Emergency

If you have a query, please check your Information Folder first, or browse the website. If you cannot find the answer, please feel free to get in touch with us during normal office hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm) unless it is an emergency, or send an email.

In an emergency


If you smell gas, ring the national gas emergency number  0800 111 999
The shut off valve for gas is a lever on the gas meter and is located in the downstairs front bedroom or outside the front of the property (refer to your Information Folder).


If you have a loss of power, first check the consumer unit (fuseboard), usually located in the hallway or front downstairs bedroom (refer to your Information Folder).  If any switches are down, press them back up again.

They are designed to trip if there is a problem e.g. if a light bulb blows.  If all switches are up and you have a continued loss of power, ring National Grid who will connect you to the local network provider 105


If you have a loss of water supply, check that all taps in the house are the same.  If there is no water at all, it will be an external problem.  You can find out if there is a problem in the area and report it online  or call Severn Trent 0800 783 4444

In the event of a leak, please turn off the water supply in the house.  This is usually located under or next to the kitchen sink or a switch on the wall (refer to your Information Folder).  Call us immediately with details of where the leak is exactly and how much water is escaping.


Get out of the property immediately.  A fire blanket is provided in the kitchen, but do not risk your life trying to fight a fire.  Ring 999

Where they are fitted, if you discover a fire which has not activated the alarm, press the manual call point (red break glass box) to alert the rest of the house.

Break in

If you discover a burglary, please do not touch anything and call the police 101  If windows and doors need to be boarded up, the police will give you a number to call to arrange this or will arrange to have this done for you.  Please let us know during normal office hours.

Locked out

LOOK AFTER YOUR KEYS.  Whilst we have local keyholders, they are not always able to attend and a call out fee will be charged, depending on the day and time.  Where you need to call out a locksmith, this will be at your own expense.  They will be able to fit a temporary lock whilst a new lock is ordered.  You will be liable for the cost of this and the new sets of keys for us and your fellow tenants.