The tenant is responsible for all bills at the property for the duration of the tenancy agreement. Under no circumstances should you put any of the bills into our names, either before, during or after the tenancy.

Council Tax

If the tenant is a full-time student, they are exempt from paying this for the period of their studies, but it is their responsibility to prove their status to the City Council. A certificate as proof of full-time student status can be obtained from the University. However, if one or more people sharing the property are not students, those who are students are not fully exempt from Council Tax. Please check with the relevant department of the City Council.

Gas / Electricity

Please set up a new gas and electricity account as soon as your tenancy begins. You are free to choose your own utility provider, but please let us know. You can often benefit from discounts by choosing the same provider for both, or by managing your account online.

Water / Sewerage

In Selly Oak, Severn Trent are responsible for providing water and sewerage facilities. They will often send a letter addressed to the "New Occupier" with which you can set up an account. If they do not contact you, please contact them as soon as possible.

TV Licence

You must buy a TV licence if you intend to watch TV at the property during your tenancy. You only need one licence for the whole house, rather than one per television set. This is the case whether you watch the TV(s) provided or bring your own.

Phone / Broadband / Cable / Satellite

You are free to choose your own provider and you can often get a package that will cover some or all of the above. Please note: where any equipment needs to be installed at the property, please get our written permission first.

At the end of your tenancy

Under no circumstances should you put any of the bills into our names when leaving the property.
Make sure that you inform all providers at the end of your tenancy, read the meters and ensure that you have paid all outstanding debts, or give forwarding addresses where necessary. Where there are outstanding debts left, we reserve the right to provide the relevant companies or debt collection agencies with your contact details and/or those of your guarantors. You and your guarantors are legally reponsible for all bills during your tenancy. This avoids the inconvenience of baliffs calling at the property after your departure. CCJ's (County Court Judgements) can be awarded against you in your absence.